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Vendors in Long Beach Marinas 

All vendors, companies or individuals who do any work for compensation in the Long Beach Marina must have a valid permit with the City of Long Beach and must have a Marine Vendor Registration Card (Card) in their possession while performing work in the Marina. This card serves as authorization to be on the docks.

Marina permittees are asked to confirm that any firm or individual you hire to do work on your vessel first meets the City’s permit requirements and obtains the required Marine Vendor Registration Card.

The Marine Vendor Registration Card can be obtained at the Shoreline Marina Office, 450 E. Shoreline Dr., Long Beach, CA 90802, during normal business hours.

While there is no charge to the vendor to obtain the Marine Vendor Registration Card, the vendor must provide the
following: a current copy of their City of Long Beach Business License; a completed a Request for Vendor Permit form; and a completed Vendor Registration Card Application for each employee that will be performing work in the marinas. Each employee will be required to visit the office to have their picture taken prior to being issued the card.

Application materials are available at the Shoreline Marina Office, or may be downloaded using the link below.
Marina Vendor Permit.

Please contact the Shoreline Marina Office, at (562) 570-4950, for additional information.