Community Development

Forms & Applications

Community Development provides a number of Planning and Building and Safety services. Below is a list of forms and applications related to those two main services that can be downloaded online.

If you have questions about a building permit, please call our office at 562.570.PMIT (7648).
For questions regarding planning/zoning, please call the Planning Bureau at 562.570.6194.



Uses in the public right-of-way, such as sidewalk dining and parklets, can provide a variety of opportunities for outdoor spaces to activate the streetscape, improve the pedestrian experience, and support local businesses and employment. 

In accordance with Chapter 14.14 (Occupation of Public Walkways) of the Long Beach Municipal Code, a Public Walkways Occupancy Permit (PWOP), issued by the Department of Public Works, is required for all uses proposed in the public right-of-way. Additionally, Chapter 14.14 requires that all uses be designed to meet the intent of the Sidewalk Dining Parklets Handbook. The handbook has been created to provide clear direction and the essential information needed to get started on your own sidewalk dining or parklet project. The handbook also outlines the permitting process on page 34.  Download the application forms.   

For additional information, please call the City of Long Beach Department of Public Works at 562.570.5938.