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Due to wait times increasing for walk-in customers,
the Permit Center encourages you to schedule an appointment online.

Our goal at the Permit Center is to make your visit or inquiry as seamless and productive as possible. Appointments are highly encouraged to help minimize wait times. Wait times for walk-ins may vary and are not accepted from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. or after 3:30 p.m.

Permit Center Counter Services

The Permit Center offers a wide-range of permit-related services to help you receive all the necessary approvals for your project. Learn more about the various services offered below!

  • Building: Permits and plans for all building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical construction on private property are issued and processed at this counter. For more information on building services call 562.570.PMIT (7648).

  • Business License: This station accepts applications for business licenses and various regulatory permits required by the Long Beach Municipal Code. Visit the City's Business License page for additional information.  For all inquiries or information, email or call 562.570.6211.

  • For additional information on business services, visit:
  • Cashier: You can pay your fees at this station. For more information on how to pay your fees call 562.570.PAID (7243).

  • Code Enforcement: The Code Enforcement Bureau responds to a variety of complaints of violations, including substandard buildings, property maintenance, inoperative vehicles, weed abatement, and land use violations. For more information, please call 562.570.CODE (2633).

  • Fire: This counter processes plan reviews for specific types of building permits, and also plan review for fire code related construction permits. For more information call 562.570.6208.

  • Health: The Long Beach Health and Human Services Department, Bureau of Environmental Health is located at 2525 Grand Ave. They are responsible for reviewing food facility, public pool, and cannabis construction and/or operation plans. Also, they educate operators of health and safety regulations as they pertain to their businesses. In addition, they issue Health permits to facilities regulated under federal, state, and municipal laws. For more information, please contact Bureau of Environmental Health at 562.570.4132 or

  • Planning: This station provides information regarding regulations governing how a property can be used as well as the minimum zoning standards for development are supplied. For more information, please call 562.570.6194 or visit Planning Bureau for more information.

  • Public Works/Utilities: This station issues permits for road excavations, curb installations, and other construction within the public right-¬≠of-way. This station also provides information on water, sewer, and gas line locations. Sewer connection permits are also issued at this counter. For more information on Public Works Services call 562.570.6784 or visit the Long Beach Public Works Department.

Apply For A Building Permit

The application process required will vary based on the size and complexity of your project. Learn
about the different projects that qualify for each type of permit process below. To determine if your project needs a permit, visit the Do I Need a Permit webpage 

For customer convenience, applications and materials will be accepted as digital PDF files on a USB device (also known as a flash/thumb drive or memory stick).

Permit Resources

Accessory Dwelling Units/SB 9
ADUs and SB 9 units are two ways of adding units to your property. To learn more about current requirements visit

Save time and money on ADU projects with the City's Pre-Approved Accessory Dwelling Unity Program. To learn more, visit

  Building Inspections
Our certified inspectors are here to work with you to ensure that your residential or commercial building project is successful and fully meets compliance for electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and building safety issues. Schedule an appointment by visiting
  Internet Permitting - for Registered Licensed Contractors Only
Our online permitting service option is available only to registered licensed California contractors who have a pre-authorized Personal Identification Number (PIN) and frequently perform minor or simple construction projects in Long Beach. To learn more, please visit Internet Permitting.

Permit Status / Records
Our online tools can be used to find basic information regarding the status of a project that has been submitted for plan check, new applications and issued permit history, and construction document records. To learn more, visit the Permit Status/Records webpage.

  Virtual Meeting Service
Have questions about building codes? You can now discuss your building code questions for the proposed design and construction of your project with our Building and Safety staff from your home, office or wherever you are! To learn more, visit