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Preferential Parking Permits

Preferential Parking Permits are issued to residents of designated Long Beach parking impacted areas. For each residential permit, proof of residency and registered ownership of vehicle will be required. If the vehicle registration has the district residence address, that is sufficient proof of both residency and ownership. If, however, the vehicle registration does not have the district address, then a copy of a valid driver’s license or utility bill showing that the registered owner of the vehicle resides in the district is necessary. For a guest preferential parking permit, only proof of residency is required. 

Preferential parking permits are of three (3) types: residential preferential parking permits, guest preferential parking permits, and temporary preferential parking permits. Preferential parking permits may be used only for passenger vehicles, pick-up trucks, vans and motorcycles, and only upon application of a person whose legal address is in a preferential parking district. Permits are only valid for the district shown on the permit.

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Preferential Parking Districts and Parking Impacted Areas

How Do I Obtain a Preferential Parking Permit?

You may create a Preferential Parking account at the Parking Permits Portal, or print the Preferential Parking Permit Application and mail it with appropriate documents and payment to: Parking Citations PO Box 22766 Long Beach, CA 90801-5766 or come in person to Long Beach City Hall 411 W Ocean Blvd, Lobby Level Long Beach, CA 90802.

Allowable Number of Permits

Each household is allowed up to three (3) residential permits and one (1) guest preferential permit per year.  

Term of Permit

Except for temporary preferential parking permits, each preferential parking permit shall be issued on a calendar year basis, and each permit shall expire at midnight on December 31st of the year for which it was issued. Permits may be renewed annually online, by mail, or in person at Long Beach City Hall. Each applicant must sign the application agreeing to the terms listed herein. Any person whose preferential or guest parking permits have been revoked shall not be issued a new permit until expiration of a period of one year following the date of the revocation and the person has made required application and paid required fees.

Permit Fee

The annual permit fee for each residential preferential permit or guest preferential permit is $34.00. Permits issued after March of each year will be prorated to the number of quarters remaining in the year. There is no fee for temporary permits.

Temporary Preferential Parking Permits

For existing Preferential Parking Account holders, temporary preferential permits may be used for bona fide guests of residents of preferential parking districts and are valid for no more than seven (7) days. These permits are issued either online, in person at Long Beach City Hall, or at select City Council Offices.

You may obtain a temporary preferential parking permit by logging into your Preferential Parking Permit account to create and print a permit at home, in person at Long Beach City Hall at 411 W Ocean Blvd, Lobby Level,  Long Beach, CA 90802 or at select City Council Offices.

Replacement Permits

Replacement are allowed one time only with payment and satisfactory evidence that the vehicle or permit has been stolen and a copy of the Police Report is submitted. If you sell your vehicle and purchase a new vehicle, return the original permit and pay the prorated fee amount for a new permit. You also need to show the registration for the new vehicle. (Replacements will not be allowed on guest permits.)

Placement of Permits

Preferential parking permits must be affixed to the left rear bumper of the vehicle. Guest permits must be hung from the rear-view mirror only. If a current permit is not displayed in the correct location, the vehicle may be issued a valid citation. Permits to be displayed from the rear-view mirror should be removed when the vehicle is in motion.

For additional information, contact Parking Citations at 562-570-6822, or via email at FM-Parkingcitation@longbeach.gov.