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Homeland Cultural Center

Homeland Neighborhood Cultural Center is a place for people to explore and pass on traditional and contemporary cultural traditions.Open to all ages, people and groups, programs are offered year-round in urban and traditional arts.Homeland is also the site for poetry readings, theatre presentations, performances of dance and music, and cultural celebrations.


Mon.- Fri., 3-10pm
Sat. 10am-6pm
Sun. 9am- 6pm.



  • Bokator
  • Hmong Arts Belly Dance
  • Graf Murals
  • Youth Writing & Improv


  • African Dance
  • Aztec Dance
  • B-Boys
  • Cambodian Dance
  • Hip-Hop Dance
  • Intro to Dance
  • KTL Youth
  • Micronesians Dance
  • Pop - Lockers
  • Youth Street


  • Drums
  • Guitar/Bass
  • Micronesian Music
  • Recording Studio

*Class schedule subject to change, call 570-1655 for information
For more information visit After School Park Activities.