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Walk & Roll Long Beach

The Walk & Roll Long Beach program promotes street safety for all pedestrians and bicyclists in the city. The program provides free education and resources that work to end preventable pedestrian and bicycle-related injuries. All people who live, learn, work and play in Long Beach can share streets safely to help reduce injuries and collisions.

If you are a local community organization interested in having Walk & Roll provide FREE bicycle and pedestrian safety education, please email us at walkandrolllongbeach@longbeach.gov or call 562.570.7995. 



As more people turn to alternative transportation methods, such as walking, bicycling, e-scooters, skateboarding and roller skating, it is important for everyone--including motorists--to know their responsibilities and the rules of the road.

Our interactive classes, offered in person and virtually, cover a variety of topics related to bicycle and pedestrian safety. We have classes for children and families, older adults and other Long Beach community members. Classes are available in English and Spanish and can be interpreted in, Khmer, Tagalog and ASL.


Walk & Roll hosts and participates in local bicycle and pedestrian safety education activities to engage and share street safety education with Long Beach residents. Examples include:

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Rodeos– Using the “learn by doing” model,” youth ages 5-17 can grow their knowledge of street safety and practice bicycle handling skills in a fun and non-competitive atmosphere.
  • Walking Field Trips –Community members can interactively engage and teach pedestrian safety strategies.
  • Bicycle Helmet Distributions – FREE bicycle helmets and fittings are provided to community members who participate in Walk & Roll’s bicycle safety education.
  • Event Pop-ups – Walk & Roll can attend community events to provide informational and interactive booths with games, street safety signs, posters and a picker wheel to share street safety education and resources.


    There are numerous benefits to walking: It's healthy, good for the earth and fun, especially when friends and family join! When walking in your community, take these steps to practice proper pedestrian safety:

    • Keep your eyes up and your phone down
    • Look left, right and left again before crossing the street
    • Always walk on the sidewalk whenone is available
    • Wear bright-colored clothing or reflective gear if walking at night
    • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street
    • Do not run out onto the street or cross between parked cars

    5 safety tips for pedestrian wheelchair and mobility aid users:

    • Regular maintenance is very important
    • Always lock the brakes before getting in and out of the wheelchair. On power wheelchairs, always Use a flag if you ride in the streets; use headlights and flashing taillights at night
    • If possible, avoid going out in rainy weather. Wheelchairs can lose traction and controls (of motorized chairs) can get wet and malfunction
    • Take note of your terrain and try to avoid steep inclines and declines

    Call 562.570.6257 to report inaccessible areas.


    Living in Long Beach means we have beautiful bicycle weather year-round. It’s important to keep your bike running well and follow cycling rules. Here are a few tips to remember when heading out for your bike ride:

    • Inspect your bike before riding
    • Wear a properly fitted helmet
    • Obey street signs, signals and road markings
    • Do not text, listen to music or use any device that will distract you
    • Ride in the same direction as traffic

    E-scooters are another great form of transportation. Here are 5 tips to stay safe while e-scootering:

    • Do not ride your e-scooter on the sidewalk
    • Do not ride with two people on the e-scooter
    • Always wear a helmet
    • Follow all traffic laws, such as avoiding distracted riding and obeying traffic control signs
    • Be mindful of pedestrians - they always have the right of way


    Go Active Long Beach is a part of the Department of Public Works’ efforts to make biking and walking safe, viable and preferred modes of transportation through infrastructure projects, community programs and events, such the Open Streets Program and the Interactive Bike Map of Long Beach. You can also get information on up-to-date state and local laws for pedestrians, bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters. 


    Go Safely Activity Book
For additional questions or information about Walk & Roll Long Beach, please email us at walkandrolllongbeach@longbeach.gov or call 562.570.7995.

Funding for this program is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.