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The Long Beach Tobacco Education and Prevention Program (TEPP) works to build a healthier community by reducing the use of tobacco and the exposure to secondhand smoke in the City of Long Beach. Strategies include: 

  • Providing referrals for people who want to quit smoking 

  • Working with apartment owners to create smoke free living options in apartment buildings 

  • Creating culturally appropriate tobacco control materials for the Long Beach community 

  • Supporting community-led smoke free campaigns 

  • Ensuring compliance with local, state and federal tobacco-related laws 


Community Presentations

The Tobacco Education and Prevention program offers free presentations to the community to educate and inform on tobacco-related topics. Presentation topics include: 

  • Vaping 

  • Tobacco 101 

  • Smoke-free apartments 

  • Quit smoking resources 

Presentations are provided in Spanish, Khmer and Tagalog in addition to English.If you would like a request a presentation for your community organization, contact us at (562) 570-7950. 

Youth Tobacco Diversion

TEPP has created a unique tobacco diversion program for Long Beach youth ages 14 to 18. The free course,which is offered as a self-paced or group online course and is open for enrollment every month of the school year. For more information, or to enroll, contact tobaccoeducationprogramlb@longbeach.gov

The program provides education on: 

  • Health effects of tobacco/vape use 

  • Healthy brain development 

  • Nicotine addiction 

  • Refusal skills 

  • Best quitting strategies  

  • And more. 

Stop Smoking

TEPP provides information to adults who’d like to quit smoking.  

Did you know that after you snuff out that last cigarette...... 

  • Within 20 minutes: Blood pressure, body temperature and pulse rate drop 

  • Within 8 hours: Smokers-breath disappears 

  • Within 24 hours: Risk of heart attack decreases 

  • Within 2-3 months: Lung capacity increases, circulation improves, and walking becomes easier 

  • Within 1 year: Excess risk of coronary heart disease is decreased by half 

  • Within 2 years: Heart attack risk matches those of people who have never smoked 

Stop smoking classes in Long Beach are offered throughLong Beach Memorial Hospital. Support groups are available throughNicotine AnonymousView a brochure of resources available in Long Beach. For personalized ‘quit coaching’ services from home, contact Kick it California at 1 (800) 300-8086. 

To receive a free smoking cessation packet, please call TEPP at 562.570.7950.

Get Involved

Coalition for a Smoke Free Long Beach

The mission of the Coalition for a Smoke-Free Long Beach is to promote a healthy tobacco-free, smoke-free Long Beach. The Coalition serves in an advisory capacity to the Long Beach Health Department’s Tobacco Education and Prevention Program (TEPP). The Coalition guides the development and implementationof the City's comprehensive Tobacco Control Workplan and periodically reviews progress. T Members of the Coalition include youth, voluntary health organizations, health care providers, the Long Beach Unified School District, California State Universities, Long Beach City College, churches, community-based organizations, youth organizations, businesses and other concerned individuals. 
For more information, please email: TobaccoEducationProgramLB@longbeach.gov 


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