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Laboratory Services

One of the most important tools in a collaborative preparedness effort to protect our population from infectious diseases is a strong public health laboratory system. The Long Beach Public Health Laboratory, a CLIA and ELAP accredited laboratory, specializes in infectious disease and environmental testing. The diversity of the Department's public health programs' activities enabled the laboratory to develop and implement testing services that meet the immediate and long-term needs of the Department and the community it serves. The scope of services have recently increased to accommodate the growing needs of the Department's programs, public and private agencies, health care providers, and other reference laboratories.

Our full service laboratory offers an extensive menu of established testing options, while our scientific expertise permits us to validate and bring in new assays. We have a rigorous Quality Control / Quality Assurance program that assures all results produced are of the highest quality.

Zika Diagnostic Specimen Testing Guidelines

 phlebotomy_pictureNon-Diagnostic General Health Assessment

The Long Beach Public Health Laboratory is the oversight organization for all Non-Diagnostic General Health Assessment (NGHA) testing events held in the City of Long Beach, California.

Thirty (30) days prior notification of intent to operate a NGHA program in California, the entity operating that program must file with the organization having jurisdiction, written notification of the program location, type and kind of non-diagnostic general health assessments being conducted, the dates and times of operation, and evidence that the program will be operated in compliance with California Business and Professions Code Section 1244.

Documents covering the application process, including an informational cover letter, checklist, and registration form, are located in the Required Forms and Documents section below.

Examples of NGHA Programs:

  • A cholesterol screening program held at a shopping mall and sponsored by a hosptial, in which blood is collected by fingerstick and tested onsite using a portable analyzer.
  • Glucose testing performed at a pharmacy in which blood is collected by fingerstick and tested onsite using a portable analyzer.
  • Examination of stool for occult blood at a senior citizens' community center.

Programs that are not classified as NGHA Programs:

  • Collection of blood by venipuncture at a shopping mall which is subsequently tested for glucose (or other components) at a CLIA-licensed medical laboratory. (Note: This may be illegal in California unless the shopping mall location is approved as a blood drawing station).
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Estimation of body fat content

Required Forms and Documents