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Noise Abatement Home Page

The City of Long Beach has worked continuously to operate an airport that maintains the highest possible environmental quality of life for surrounding neighborhoods while providing economic benefits and air transport vitality to the local area.

Save the Date

Federal Aviation Administration and Long Beach Airport Webinar on General Aviation

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and LGB will co-host a public informational webinar on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Representatives from various FAA lines of business will be joined by LGB staff, along with members of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), and the Long Beach Airport Association (LBAA).

Registration for the Webinar is available at the FAA Community Engagement website.

Long Beach Airport Airfield Map
Long Beach Airport Noise Office

Noise Hotline: (562) 570-2665 

Email: lgbnoise@longbeach.gov

  • 18 noise monitors located throughout the City

  • 99% identification rate of violators

  • State-of-the-art multi-million dollar Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System (ANOMS)

  • Noise budget to keep aircraft noise below the State mandated 65 dB CNEL

  • Track flight activity, including aircraft information, at WebTrak. 
  • See responses to frequently asked questions about noise on our Noise FAQs page. 
  • This Community Noise Equivalent Level (CNEL) Contour Map depicts typical aircraft noise levels in the Long Beach area.  

Recent Timeline of Actions Related to General Aviation Noise and Transition to Unleaded Aviation Fuel

In response to community concerns regarding an increase in general aviation activity, as well as concerns about the use of leaded aviation fuel for most of those operations, Long Beach Airport has worked together with City Council on a series of actions, as outlined below.

  • March 15, 2024:
    Airport staff provided an update on general aviation operations, including on the seven recommendations from the 10/31/23 comprehensive report. Additional charts and data were provided in the appendices.
  • January 23, 2024: 
    City Council approved a Subsidized Aviation Fuel for the Environment (SAFE) incentive program to subsidize the cost of unleaded aviation fuel at Long Beach Airport, becoming one of only a handful of airports in the nation to do so. 
  • January 4, 2024: 
    The Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) reimbursement program that was approved by City Council in November 2023 officially launched with outreach to LGB-based pilots and aircraft owners, a new webpage, and social media messaging. 
  • December 12, 2023:
    Airport officials presented findings (begins at 1:35 mark) from the Oct. 31 General Aviation Operations Report to City Council.
  • December 7, 2023:
    Mayor Richardson and Councilwoman Megan Kerr, along with other City officials, met with FAA and EPA leadership to discuss concerns regarding increased general aviation operations and a desire to speed up federal efforts to eliminate the use of leaded aviation fuel.
  • November 14, 2023:
    The City Council approved a Supplemental Type Certificate Fee (STC) reimbursement program to provide up to $300 for aircraft owners to obtain required approval from the FAA before their plane can use unleaded fuel.
  • October 31, 2023:
    The Airport responded to the City Council request with a comprehensive report detailing the complexity of Airport operations, the multiple jurisdictions involved, and a suggestion for seven recommendations within the City’s authority to address community concerns.  
  • September 12, 2023:
    In response to an increase in general aviation operations, City Council requested a comprehensive report detailing general aviation operations at Long Beach Airport, including information on how the use of unleaded aviation fuel could be incentivized.
  • August 7, 2023:
    City officials celebrated the first delivery of unleaded aviation fuel with Signature Aviation @ Aeroplex at LGB.
  • December 6, 2022:
    City Council voted to waive fuel flowage fees for three years as a first step towards incentivizing the use of unleaded aviation fuel and encouraging a fuel provider to begin supplying an unleaded option at Long Beach Airport.
  • December 2, 2022:
    The Airport responded to the 10/18/22 City Council request with a memo outlining the Airport’s ongoing efforts to work with industry partners to bring an unleaded aviation fuel option to customers at Long Beach Airport.
  • October 18, 2022:
    Then-Vice Mayor Rex Richardson brought forth the recommendation for the City Manager to work with Airport staff and stakeholders to establish a plan to reduce and mitigate lead pollution, which was approved by the City Council.

View our monthly noise reports detailing operational activity, noise monitoring data, noise violations, community noise complaints, and more. A sample of the data available is shown below.

In 2023, as the Airport noted increasing community concerns regarding the regional trend in GA training operations, a General Aviation Report was created to look further into historic trends in GA activity at LGB. Going back several decades, data shows high levels of fluctuation in GA operations due to a variety of factors, including economic conditions.

Source: FAA Air Traffic Activity System