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Aircraft & Vehicle Washing

By law, outdoor washing and rinsing of aircraft, vehicles or equipment is strictly prohibited.

Unauthorized rinsing, pressure washing, steam cleaning, or detailing of any aircraft, vehicle, ground service or maintenance equipment where the waste water is not contained and diverted to the sanitary sewer system is a direct threat to storm water quality.

Dirt, fuel, oil, lubricants, solvents, detergents, etc. that are used to operate or clean aircraft and other tools and machinery are washed onto the ground and will enter the storm drain the next time it rains.

Dry washing is the most effective best management practice (BMPs) for protecting storm water from aircraft washing.

BMPs for wet washing aircraft or other vehicles, equipment, and tools require:

  • washing or rinsing to occur indoors where all wastewater and contaminants drain to the sanitary sewer, or if an indoor facility is not available,
  • an outdoor wash rack with an impervious wash surface – like concrete – protected by berms or swales where the wastewater drains to the sanitary sewer.
  • If an authorized wash rack is unavailable you may utilize a professional mobile cleaning service. You must, however, make sure the service collects ­all­ contaminated waste water and disposes of it properly. Contact Leasing & Business Development at 562-570-2619 for a list of authorized mobile cleaning services.