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Supplemental Type Certificate Fee Reimbursement Program

Going Green with Unleaded Avgas

Long Beach Airport is launching a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) Fee Reimbursement Program. In line with its vision for a cleaner future, the FAA plans to completely phase out the use of leaded aviation fuel by 2030. To facilitate this transition, we strongly encourage all pilots and operators of piston-powered aircraft to obtain an STC and swiftly apply for reimbursement by completing the form below. You could be eligible for a reimbursement of up to $300 to support this essential change. The reimbursement is only eligible for LGB based aircraft.

Join us in making aviation safer and more environmentally friendly for all.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What STC is currently eligible for reimbursement?

An STC for unleaded avgas available at LGB is eligible for reimbursement. Currently, only Swift’s UL94 STC is eligible for reimbursement, as their fuel is the only available unleaded avgas at LGB. If other varieties of unleaded avgas become available at LGB, STCs for those fuels will be eligible for reimbursement, subject to a maximum combined reimbursement of $300 per LGB-based aircraft for all STCs procured. 

What aircraft are eligible to receive a reimbursement?

Only aircraft based at Long Beach Airport are eligible to receive a reimbursement.

How much can be reimbursed?

Up to a maximum combined total of $300 can be reimbursed for each LGB-based aircraft.

What is the application process?

To apply for STC fee reimbursement, please download and complete the STC reimbursement form and email it to LGBreimbursement@longbeach.gov.

Download STC Fee Reimbursement Form