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Burial, Removal, and Transit Permits

To apply for a Burial, Removal and/or Transit Permit, please contact the Vital Records Program at 562-570-4305.

Burial Permits are required by California law prior to the disposition of human remains such as burial, cremation, or scattering of cremated remains. Permits may be obtained through any California licensed funeral establishment or by applying in person at our office.

Burial Permits can also be applied for by the legal next of kin, the person with the right to control the disposition, and/or if the death occurred in Long Beach and/or the final resting place of the deceased is in Long Beach. 


If you are a current EDRS user, please use the EDRS system to create the permits and contact the Vital Records Program at 562-570-4305.

If you are the next of kin or informant, please email vitalrecords@longbeach.gov or call
562-570-4305 to schedule an appointment.