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Everyone’s Shoreline Community Design Charrette

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Long Beach, CA – The City of Long Beach is inviting residents as well as business and community representatives to participate in a series of visioning exercises to create a plan for the Downtown Shoreline area of Long Beach. Several activities for the public are taking place in the area June 13-20, 2024, including an online survey available through June 24.

Led by the Community Development Department, the multi-day event, known as a Community Design Charrette, will engage local residents, youth, community stakeholders and design experts in generating and testing ideas and strategies to implement the community’s vision for the Downtown Shoreline. The area, which is south of Ocean Boulevard, is home to iconic residences, offices, hotels and restaurants amid venues such as Shoreline Village, The Pike, Long Beach Convention Center and Aquarium of the Pacific.

All the various details are available here.