Community Development

Permit Status / Records

  • Plan Review Status
    Provides basic information regarding the status of a project that has been submitted to the Building and Safety Bureau for plan check. A project number will be provided to the applicant when the application is screened and routed to the various agencies for review. A project number will be required to query the plan review status.
  • Permit Status/Permit History
    Provides basic information regarding projects created in our system. New applications as well as issued permit history will be provided in a three-column format; Project Number, Project Description as well as Inspection Final dates.
  • Permit Records 
    Provides basic information regarding the historical or archival construction document records (e.g., Certificate of Occupancy, Plot Plans, Reports, etc.) of a project. A project address will be required to query these records, if available.

Most documents can be located using the search options above. If the documents you are looking for cannot be found, please submit a Public Record Act (PRA) request.

Please note that Architecturally-drawn plans are not available online, please visit the Resource Center at our Permit Center located at 411 W. Ocean Blvd, 2nd Floor, Long Beach, CA 90802 to search our Laserfische database to view (only). Plan Duplication Application available upon request.

If you have questions about plan review status, permit status or other records, please call the  Building & Safety Bureau staff assigned to your project or contact us at 562.570.PMIT (7648).