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Entertainment Permit

A permit must be issued by the City before any person can carry on, maintain or conduct any entertainment activity within the city boundaries.

"Entertainment activity" includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • dancing, whether by performers or patrons of the establishment; and/or
  • live musical performances, instrumental or vocal, when carried on by more than two (2) persons or whenever amplified; and/or
  • musical entertainment provided by a disc jockey; and/or
  • karaoke; and/or
  • any similar entertainment activity involving amplified, reproduced music.

Long Beach Municipal Code (LBMC) Chapter 5.72

Who should apply for an Entertainment Permit? 

If a business plans on conducting regularly scheduled entertainment activities year-round, the business should apply for an annual entertainment permit. 

If a business plans on conducting entertainment activites occassionally, the business should apply for an Occasional Event Permit through the Office of Special Events and Filming. Occasional Event Permits will not be issued for any premises or location more than twenty-four (24) times within any twelve (12) month period. If an applicant wishes to have entertainment activities that occur more than 24 times in a twelve month period, an annual entertainment permit is required. 

Entertainment Permit Application 

Applications can be submitted in person at the Business License Counter from 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

City of Long Beach
411 W. Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone number: (562) 570-6211
Fax number: (562) 570-5099
Email: LBBIZ@longbeach.gov

 Applications must be completely filled out and include all applicable attachments. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Entertainment Permit Application

Entertainment Application Fees

Upon submission of an entertainment permit application, applicants will be required to pay an application fee. For a breakdown of the fee charges, please review the Entertainment Permit Fees

Type of Entertainment Permit Application Fees (Total)
Entertainment with/without Dancing $1,880.30
Pool/Billiard Hall (3 or more tables) $2,372.00
Entertainment Retail Business $783.00
Temporary Entertainment Permit $503.00

If application fees are not paid upon submission of the application, a bill for the application fees will be mailed to the address listed on the application. The application fees may be paid at the link below using the e-account number found on the bill.   

paynowbutton_NEW (1) 

Note: If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the third-party payment application, it may be that your browser is unsupported. We recommend: Version 10 or greater of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Thank you.

Entertainment Application Process

Upon receipt of a completed entertainment application, the application will be forwarded to the following departments for review and investigation:

  • Police Department
  • Fire Department
  • Health Department
  • Building Department
  • Planning Bureau

The departments have sixty (60) days to complete their review and file their recommendations regarding the approval or denial of the permit to the Business Services Bureau. 

If departments recommend approval of the entertainment permit, a hearing date will be set for City Council to approve or deny the entertainment permit. The business owner as well as property owners and residents within 300 feet of the business will be notified of the hearing. 

At the hearing, City Council may approve the permit, with conditions, or deny the permit. Once City Council approves the entertainment permit, the entertainment permit and conditions will be mailed to the business.  

Two Year Entertainment Permit Reviews

An entertainment permit shall be valid for an indefinite duration, subject to administrative review by Financial Management every two (2) years. The entertainment permit will be reviewed by the departments that originally approved the permit to see if there is a reason to modify, suspend, or revoke the entertainment permit. If grounds exist for modification, revocation or suspension of the permit, a hearing shall be held for that purpose.