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About our Department

Budget Bureau

The budget serves as the most important policy document the City produces on an annual basis. The
Budget Management Bureau is responsible for developing and implementing the City of Long Beach's
annual budget in accordance with the City Charter and the City Council's Financial Policies, as well as
maximizing all opportunities for the City to improve its revenue streams to support core City services.

The Bureau's core services include: building a structurally-balanced budget; providing relevant, accurate,
and timely financial and performance information, analysis and projections; supporting the City Council,
Budget Oversight Committee and community outreach on the City's budget; and, working with the City
Council and community stakeholders to protect and enhance the City's revenue streams.

Accounting Bureau

The Accounting Bureau effectively controls, reviews and administers the City's accounting system and financial functions in accordance with professional standards. The City's general accounts payable and payroll functions are part of the Accounting Bureau. It provides other departments with general, grant and capital project accounting services, in addition to assisting with City financings, annual budget and special projects at the direction of the Director of Financial Management.

Business Services Bureau

As a Bureau within the Department of Financial Management, the Business Services Bureau manages
the Business License, Purchasing, and Special Projects Divisions.

The Business License Division is responsible for the licensing and permitting of all businesses in the city
of Long Beach and the collection of business tax, Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) for hotels and other
miscellaneous permits and fees. This division serves customers and residents over the counter,
telephone and through field investigations. Business License also facilitates the entertainment permit
process for City Council hearings, revocations, suspensions, and appeal hearings. 

The Purchasing Division provides City departments with the continuity of quality and cost-effective
products and service through full and open competition, in a timely manner.

Commercial Services Bureau

The purpose of the Commercial Services Bureau is to provide utility customer service, general billing and
collection services, and payment processing services to City departments, businesses and residents so
they can effectively conduct business with the City. Our primary mission is to provide customer friendly
services to both Long Beach residents and businesses, which are convenient and easily accessible.

Fleet Services Bureau

The purpose of the Fleet Services Bureau is to provide vehicle and equipment acquisitions, preventative
maintenance, unscheduled repair and fueling services to City departments so they can have safe,
reliable cost effective equipment and vehicles to accomplish their operational goals and purpose.

The Fleet Operations Division is responsible for the administration and support of the Bureau's budget,
personnel, fueling, billing and operational needs of its staff.

The Fleet Acquisitions Division is responsible for acquiring, replacing and supporting departments with
their vehicle/equipment needs. It is necessary to accelerate the replacement of vehicles to decrease the
age of the fleet whenever possible.

The Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining the City's fleet of vehicles/equipment to
ensure that they are in proper working condition.

The Towing Operations and Lien Sales Division is responsible for providing tow response, roadside
assistance, unclaimed vehicle disposition and impounded vehicle storage and release services to Police
and other City departments.

Treasury Bureau

The Treasury Bureau invests the idle funds of the City and related agencies, serves as the principal
liaison with the City's commercial banks, develops and structures the City's financing strategies and 
transactions, manages the City's debt and cash management functions.