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Business License Application Instructions 

The Business License Application may be completed by the owner or an authorized agent, but all the information must be complete and accurate before a license is issued.  

The following is a list of information you will be required to provide in your application.

General Information

  • Reason for application - indicate whether this is a new business, change of address for an existing business, change of ownership, or a secondary license to an existing business.
  • Business structure - a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability partnership (L.L.P.), limited liability corporation (L.L.C.), or trust.
  • Owner's name - if a partnership, the names of the partners; if a corporation, the name of the corporation as registered with the Secretary of State.
  • Driver's License Number and Social Security Number of the owner or one of the partners or officers of a corporation.
  • Business Name - the name used for the business other than owner's name (DBA discussed in Fictitious Name).
  • Type of Business - state exactly what type of business activity you will be engaged in.
  • Business Address - the exact location where the business activity is to be conducted.
  • Business phone number.
  • Mailing Address - if other than the business address.
  • Residence Address - if other than the business address.
  • For a Partnership or Corporation, the name(s) and residence address(es) of the owner, partners or principal officers of the corporation and their titles and percent ownership in the business.

Business Operations Information

  • The date the proposed business will start in Long Beach.
  • The number of employees - including owner, manager, partner etc., as well as family members that work in the business. (For further information see definition of employee).
  • Federal Tax Identification number.
  • State Sales Tax number (seller's permit)
  • Whether your business requires a state license and if so, the license number, classification and renewal date.

Food · Alcohol · Entertainment

(If you plan to sell or serve food, including prepackaged food, alcohol, or provide entertainment.)

  • The number of square feet of pre-packaged food products displayed.
  • The number of seats for food service.
  • Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) license number.
  • The number of amusement machines, video games, and/or pool tables.
  • The number of vending machines.
  • Whether your business involves dancing, live music, amplified music, or karaoke.

Services · Fund Raising

  • Whether your business provides any towing service.
  • Whether your business provides a massage, body wrap, escort, or similar service.
  • Whether your business engages in fund raising activities.
  • The fund raising  activities your business may do.
  • Whether your business deals in coins, stamps, firearms, jewels or second-hand property.

Special Events

Fees will be collected in the Field in addition to the business tax from Promoters and Vendors participating in Special Events without a business license. To apply as a Special Event Vendor and to learn more information, visit the Special Event Vendor page

Hazardous Materials

  • Whether your business uses, stores, or transports any chemical(s) during the course of any business activity, operation or maintenance. Hazardous materials are chemicals or substances which exhibit physical or health hazards whether they are in a usable or waste state such as paints, thinners, parts washers, hydraulic/cooling oils, compressed gases, etc.
  • Whether your business manages or produces bio hazardous materials or waste.

Medical Waste

  • Whether your business generates any quantity of medical waste such as syringes, needles, blades, blood, human or animal parts or tissues and contaminated animal carcasses.
  • Whether your business has an x-ray machine for the diagnosis of human or animal ailments.

Building and Facility Information

  • Total square footage of your building or facility.
  • Total square footage of the space used for the general public.
  • Whether you own or rent/lease your business property.
  • Whether your business property will be modified through construction or remodeling.


  • Please read carefully and sign.

The Business License Application may be completed by the owner or an authorized agent, but all the information must be complete and accurate before a license is issued. In most cases a license can be issued upon receipt of the application and payment of the applicable tax and permit fees.

In some instances, the City of Long Beach requires inspections or investigations prior to issuance of the license and before a business can operate. For most businesses, this takes two weeks or less. However, for some types of businesses this may take longer and may require approval by the City Council.