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What is an Occasional Event Permit?

An Occasional Event Permit or OEP, is a (1) day permit issued through the city Special Events office that allows businesses with a valid and current business license to have entertainment on their premises without an existing entertainment license.

Due to certain specific circumstances, usually related to alcohol requirements and/or fire codes, the city Fire Marshall may conduct a Safety Spot Check or city staff may be required to staff your event.

An Occasional Event Permit would be required under the following:

  1. Amplified or electronically enhanced entertainment.
  2. Disc Jockeys are considered amplified entertainment.
  3. There needs to be three (3) or more entertainers.
  4. Entertainment shall not be audible more than fifty (50) feet from any portion of the exterior of the premises.

An Occasional Event Permit may not be required under the following:

  1. Ambient Music is any amplified or acoustic low level background music.
  2. Ambient Music is intended to create an atmosphere and not to entertain.
  3. Disc Jockeys are not considered ambient music.
  4. Acoustic Music shall not be amplified or electronically enhanced.
  5. One (1) to two (2) Entertainers only.
  6. Ambient and acoustic music shall not be audible more than ten (10) feet from any portion of the exterior of the premises

What is not an Occasional Event?

An Occasional Event Permit cannot be issued under the following conditions:

  1. A business that doesn’t have a valid and current business license.
  2. Private residents (includes apartments, townhomes, etc.)
  3. City property (including parks, streets, and all public buildings).  Events held on city property require a Special Event Permit.
  4. Certain specific and unique situations may prohibit the issuance of a permit.


  • $102 | Occasional Event Permit Fee
  • $105 | Fire Safety Officer Spot Check Fee

Application and Forms

+Occasional Event Permit Application (PDF)
+Occasional Event Permit Application (Online)

+Occasional Event Permit Checklist