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A responsible, compassionate, and informed community working together for the health and welfare of its animals.


We ensure “Compassion Saves” by supporting the people and animals of our community through outreach, education, guidance, and support services. We protect shelter animals by creating an environment of care through enrichment and innovative programs. 


Animal Well-Being: We consider animal health and well-being as the foundational of all we do.

Data Based Decision Making: We collect and analyze data to assess program effectiveness, adjusting and communicating actions as needed to meet intended goals.

Partnership: We consider community members, organizations, and agencies as primary partners in shaping LBACS’ future direction and expanding its range of services. 


Compassionate: We are empathetic and demonstrate our concern for others (animals, one another, stakeholders).

Passionate: We strongly believe our mission will help us achieve our vision, which we believe would create the ideal environment for our community and its animals.

Dedicated: We are committed to realizing our vision of a community that works together for the health and welfare of its animals through meeting the goals of our mission.

Ethical: We strive to always be guided by the highest standards of social justice and equality. 


Long Beach, Cerritos, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, Signal Hill