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I found an animal


  • If the animal is sick or injured or appears aggressive, please call us at 562-570-7387.
  • Check for a collar or tags: if there is a phone number on the collar itself or a tag, try calling and texting the number.
  • Check for a chip: if safe to do so, have the animal scanned at a local veterinary clinic, pet supply store, or LBACS during business hours for a microchip.
  • Report the found pet on Petco Love Lost, a nonprofit, free database that uses image recognition technology to reunite lost pets.
  • Go for a walk: Being mindful of safety and physical distancing, take found dogs for a walk on a leash in the neighborhood where it was found. Talk to the neighbors to see if anyone knows the dog, and be on the lookout for any gates left open the pet may have gotten out from.
  • Social Media: Post a clear picture and location where the animals were found on local social media pages. Facebook, NextDoor, lostmydoggie.com, and Pawboost are great places to start. Post in the Lost and Found sections, and make sure nobody has posted on the “lost” section an animal matching the one you found. If you cannot find the owner, call us at 562-570-7387 or email animalcare@longbeach.gov.


If the animal is sick or injured, please call us at 562-570-7387.

  1. Is this a kitten? Visit the orphaned kitten's page.
  2. How long have you seen this cat?
  • SHORT TIME (Less than 30 days): this cat may be a neighbor’s new cat or an indoor cat that got out. Take the cat to be scanned for a microchip at your local vet, put up flyers, and post on social media (see dogs section above). LBACS can loan you a trap if you are unable to safely handle the cat.
  • Refrain from feeding the cat! They may not go home. If the cat is healthy and comes and goes, it's best to trap them to have them spayed/neutered and returned back to their original location.
  • If you have verifiable proof that someone has abandoned the cat, contact us at animalcare@longbeach.gov.
  • LONG TIME (over 1 month): This cat is now what we consider a “community cat.” They may or may not have an owner.
  • If you have been feeding the cat for more than a month, request a TNR Voucher to have the cat spayed or neutered. If you can no longer care for the cat, consider rehoming the cat or see if someone in the neighborhood can take over care.

If you find other animals