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We invite you to become one of our Chow, Shop & Give (CSG) partners! Our program allows restaurants, retail stores, and individuals within the community to give back through their everyday actions of eating or shopping!

Does your business want to donate to Long Beach Animal Care Services?

A Chow, Shop & Give (CSG) partner commits to donating a percentage of proceeds from a specified day or evening to Long Beach Animal Care Services (LBACS). In return, we add your business name to the Chow, Shop & Give (CSG) List on the website as a Community Partner. We will promote your business on our social media channels and within the community to drive traffic to your business on that specified date. Our sincere hope is that you gain loyal patrons after their visit during one of our Chow, Shop & Give (CSG) events.

How does it work?

A Chow, Shop & Give (CSG) event is simple to host! We will provide flyers with QR codes and adoptable animals to keep near the register to notify people of the event. With your approval, we can supply table tents with our information, including ways patrons can get involved with us.

If you are interested in becoming a Chow, Shop & Give (CSG) program, have any questions, or want additional information, please click the button below to contact us.

Please donate proceeds by making a one-time donation https://bit.ly/3UkLqSK.

Are you a pet-friendly business?

More and more businesses are adopting pet-friendly policies. We are collecting a list of businesses that allow you to bring your pet along while you chow or shop (aside from pet supply stores, which are inherently pet-friendly).

We’ve separated the list into two categories to help you have a great experience with your pet: 
1) Businesses that have verified that they allow pets at their establishments.
2) Businesses whose pet policies do not allow pets in any location but would like to be an LBACS (CSG) partner.

*Please note: As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to respect each retailer’s individual pet policy. Unless your dog is a service dog, don’t bring them into a store that’s not dog-friendly (and never, ever claim your dog is a service dog just to get them into a store.). Even retailers with dog-friendly policies will leave it up to on-site managers to decide whether to let pets into their locations, so please call ahead before bringing your dog on your next shopping excursion. The pet-friendly listing does not apply to animal permits. To apply for animal-related business permits, please visit the forms page to submit the formal business operation applications.