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Rabies vaccination is required for all dogs and cats LBMC 6.12.110 Inoculation Required.

No person responsible for any dog or cat shall permit a dog or cat four (4) months of age or older to be in the city unless such person has procured a canine anti-rabies vaccine for the dog or a feline anti-rabies vaccine for the cat from a state licensed veterinarian unless:

A. Such dog or cat is less than four (4) months of age; or

B. Such dog or cat is in a state of health that inoculation at the time would be hazardous to the life of the dog or cat, as evidenced by the written, dated, and signed statement of a licensed veterinarian, and approved by the authority of the health officer. Such a statement shall provide an exemption from the requirements of this section for a maximum period of one (1) year. The health officer shall not authorize the endorsement of the statement for any period of time unless the illness of the dog or cat requires it.