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Massage Establishment Permit

A business that is providing any massage services for compensation must obtain a massage establishment permit.  

PLEASE NOTE this requirement does not apply to independent contractors who provide massage services at specified locations; however, independent contracts are required to obtain a business license to provide massage therapy services.

Massage includes, but is not limited to, swedish massage, sports massage, shiatsu, polarity therapy, rolfing, hellerwork; and/or reflexology. 

Long Beach Municipal Code (LBMC) Chapter 5.58

Important Information!

Current massage technicians who hold a valid massage technician permit issued by the Long Beach Police Department had until August 12, 2019 to become certified by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC). 

Current businesses offering massage services had until February 8, 2019 to be issued a Massage Establishment Permit, Health Permit, and Administrative Use Permit (if applicable).  

Who should apply for a Massage Establishment Permit? 

  • Businesses offering massage services for compensation
  • Businesses offering massage services and other services (such as beauty salon, nail salon, etc.) for compensation
Businesses offering out-call massage services or massage services at a residence are strictly prohibited. 

Massage Establishment Application Process

Step 1 Submit a completed application to the Business License Division at City Hall.
Step 2 Vist the Planning Bureau at City Hall to see if a massage establishment is allowed at the proposed business location. You may need to obtain an Administrative Use Permit depending on the type of business. 
Step 3 Pay intial taxes & fees.
Step 4 The Health & Human Services Department will conduct an inspection of the business and will issue a Health permit.
Step 5 The Long Beach Police Department will perform a background investigation on any owners not CAMTC-certified, if applicable. 
Step 6 Once all departments have approved of the proposed business, the massage establishment permit/business license will be issued.

Massage Establishment Permit Taxes & Fees

Initial Taxes & Fees

Application Fees Amount
Business License Tax $442.95
Business License Employee Rate $23.00 per employee
Massage Establishment Permit Fee $980.00
Building Review Fee (if applicable) $23.30
Zoning Review Fee  $33.00
State Mandated ADA Fee $4.00
 Administrative Use Permit Fee (base fee) $4,000.00+
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A business where massage is the primary activity occurring at the business will require an Administrative Use Permit issued by the Department of Development Services. To view information and fees, download the Planning Permit Application

Annual Regulatory Fees

The massage establishment permit will also be required to pay annual regulatory fees and taxes and/or permit fees. The massage establishment must obtain a Health Permit issued by the Department of Health & Human Services in addition to the Massage Establishment Permit. 

Annual Fees Amount
Massage Establishment Permit Fee (charged every year) $980.00
Business License Tax $442.95
Business License Employee Rate $23.00 per employee
Health Permit Fee (charged every year) $250.00

Massage Establishment Permit Application 

Applications can be submitted in person at the Business License Counter from 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

City of Long Beach
411 W. Ocean Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone number: (562) 570-6211
Fax number: (562) 499-1097
Email: LBBIZ@longbeach.gov

 Applications must be completely filled out and include all applicable attachments. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Massage Establishment Permit Application