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Pet Preparedness Month 2022

Pet Preparedness Month 2022

Release Date: 2022-06-10

Kate Karp, June 10, 2022

* This article was originally published by the Long Beach Post. View the original article.

Preparing yourself and your family for any disaster or emergency, be it earthquake, wind or fire, is essential no matter where you live. Because pets are family members, of course, June has been designated National Pet Preparedness Month and the city of Long Beach’s Department of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications is going all out this month to help you get an emergency plan in place for your furry, feathery, scaly and leathery roommates. 

This month, a variety of outreach items and educational activities will help you prepare your pets for emergency:

  • Pet-Centric Business Canvassing provides informational literature about disaster planning for pet owners. Brochures will be available at veterinary clinics, pet stores and other businesses that cater to animals. You can also download and save the information from this link.
  • Adopt-Don’t-Shop Exclusives offer a free disaster-preparedness kit for the first 50 people who adopt a pet from Long Beach Animal Care Services. Only one kit is available per family, but if your heart and circumstances allow it, you can bring home more than one pet!
  • Chats with Disaster Preparedness will take place throughout the month. The department staff will host pop-ups outside local pet-focused businesses and at Rosie’s Dog Beach to provide residents with information and the chance at some prizes as well. A Chat is scheduled for the June 11 Pet Adoption Day at P.D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village, where the city shelter is located (see Great furballs of fun for information). Follow the Disaster Preparedness Department on their Facebook page and on Instagram at @LBDisasterPrep for up-to-date Chat locations.
  • Learn from a Vet features a video presentation by a local veterinarian about information on ways to prepare your pet for a disaster and for the Fourth of July holiday. The recorded video will be available on Disaster Preparedness’s Facebook page.

The Disaster Preparedness team emphasizes including pet supplies in emergency go-kits in case sudden evacuations are necessary. Items in the kit should include at least seven days of food and water, medications (be sure to replace old food and meds at least yearly), registration and medical paperwork, poop bags and travel litter boxes with scoop, harness and leash, crates and carriers, a collar with an ID, and a recent photo of you and your pet to prove ownership in case you’re separated. Most pet owners have photos on their phones and can print them out or pin them to the top of their photo feed. Make sure to use a current photo and update all photos and emergency contact information if needed.

Microchipping your pet can’t be emphasized enough. Chips increase the chance of your pets making it home safely in the event that they run off during a disaster or a firework boom. See To the rescue for organizations offering free microchips during June and early July.

Additional pet-safety tips include:

  • Keep veterinarian information and vaccination records in a safe place. Again, be sure that they’re current.
  • Make sure all pets wear collars and tags with up-to-date identification information. Pet ID tags should include the pet’s name, your phone number and any urgent medical needs.
  • Bring your pets indoors at the first sign or warning of a storm or disaster and certainly during a fireworks frenzy, which, sadly, in some areas is most of the year. Pets in crisis can become disoriented and wander away.

For more information about pet preparedness, visit the Disaster Preparedness website and follow Disaster Preparedness on Facebook and Instagram.