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City of Long Beach 9-1-1 Dispatcher

9-1-1 Thin Gold Line PoemLong Beach 9-1-1 Public Safety Dispatchers are the first point of contact for the community when Police, Fire or emergency medical services are needed. The speed and accuracy of call-taking and dispatch services are critical to getting the appropriate first responders to the calling parties as soon as possible.

Long Beach 9-1-1 Dispatchers are specially trained in emergency communication skills to stay calm while collecting and communicating critical information to Long Beach residents and our City’s first responders in the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) and Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD). Our Long Beach 9-1-1 Team is the critical connection point to our community members in distress and the emergency services they need at a moment’s notice to protect life and property.

The 9-1-1 Dispatcher is the unsung hero of the emergency response team – always heard but never seen. These professionals, who gather essential information from callers and dispatch the appropriate first responders to the scene, must be able to take control of situations that may be chaotic, heart-wrenching, stressful and confusing. They must be organized, adept at multi-tasking, level-headed, and trustworthy. Their work within emergency response services often places them in the middle of life-or-death situations, so requirements and training for these positions are rigorous, comprehensive and steadfast.

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