Cannabis Store Emblem Placard

The Cannabis Emblem Program provides licensed cannabis dispensaries in Long Beach with a Cannabis Store Emblem Placard to display on the business premises.

The purpose of the emblem placard is to help customers easily identify a dispensary as licensed and authorized to sell medical and/or adult-use cannabis in the City of Long Beach.  

Cannabis Store Emblem Placards are only available to licensed cannabis dispensaries in Long Beach.

Obtain a Cannabis Store Emblem Placard

To obtain an emblem placard, a licensed dispensary must submit a Cannabis Emblem Program Terms and Conditions Form to the Office of Cannabis Oversight. The form may be submitted by email, mail or dropped off in-person to the Office of Cannabis Oversight.

In person or mail:

City of Long Beach
Office of Cannabis Oversight
411 W. Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90802


The Office of Cannabis Oversight will review the form for completeness. Upon determination that the form is complete, the Office of Cannabis Oversight will issue a Cannabis Store Emblem Placard.

Public Outreach and Education Campaign
(Coming Soon)

The Cannabis Emblem Program includes a public outreach and education campaign, in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services to educate consumers about the significance of the Cannabis Store Emblem Placard and the health and safety risks associated with purchasing cannabis at unlicensed and unregulated cannabis stores that do not display the emblem placard. More information on the public outreach and education campaign will be coming soon.

A list of all licensed cannabis dispensaries in Long Beach can be found at

Contact Us

For questions or comments regarding the Cannabis Emblem Program, please contact the Office of Cannabis Oversight at (562)570-5250 or email