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Our site is designed to tell you our story – who we are, what we do, where we’ve been and where we are going.

Our philosophy is to work across traditional boundaries and improve government service for the Long Beach community. IT service delivery will be realized through a management approach involving three integral components: people, process and technology. This management approach will be embraced and implemented throughout our department.

In the midst of improved service and collaboration, privacy and security of constituent data and personal information will remain paramount. Long Beach constituents can rest assured that we are doing everything possible to fight the evolving threats faced in computer security.

Our plans also place a greater focus on creating a more energy-efficient computer environment at the City, among other things and places a significant emphasis on transparency, openness and civic engagement. We have high hopes and expectations for our department and our City in the next several years, and we are committed to making Long Beach a premier place to live, work, learn and play.

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Digital Cities Winner 2018
The City of Long Beach has been named a Top 10 Digital City, surpassing numerous other cities in a national survey.
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Digital Inclusion Ti News
Cities across America are facing the social issue of digital divide and the City of Long Beach is proud of its efforts in going beyond this conversation and instead is focusing on digital inclusion.
city website
TI staff designed and coded the new responsive www.longbeach.gov.  The CMS allows content to be displayed properly on both mobile devices and desktop computers.
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