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Why work for the City of Long Beach?

Great weather, award winning parks, exciting and entertaining downtown, diverse communities, and affordable housing are some of the reasons the City of Long Beach is a great place to work. See for yourself by visiting our guide to visitors and residents pages.

The City of Long Beach employs over 4,730 employees and has over 500 job positions. Positions range from entry level to professional, high skilled. Given the number of positions, employees have a variety of career paths to choose from. In addition, the City provides career guidance, mentoring and career ladders for planning a career with the City.

How do I apply?

The majority of jobs with the City are classified positions which require that you apply with the Civil Service Department, take an exam and be placed on an eligible list. City departments then interview from an eligible list and select the best candidate that meets their needs.

1. Determine which currently open position you will apply for and fill out an online application.

2. Once you turn in your application, and you qualify to take the exam, you will be notified by email of the date, time and location of the exam. Depending on the exam for the position, the process can take two to six weeks. Once you complete the testing process, you will be notified as to your score and placement on the eligible list. Eligible lists are ranked A Band, B Band, C Band, etc. and you will be placed in a Band depending on your score. Learn More about the Exam Process

3. Departments that have vacancies for the position will receive an eligible list from Civil Service from which they can begin their selection interviews and select a qualified candidate. Departments always get the eligible list starting with the A Band. As candidates are selected, the next Band is provided.

4. Candidates that are offered employment will be required to pass both a background fingerprinting check and an appropriate medical examination. This could take as long as four weeks.

There are jobs with the City that do not require applying through the Civil Service Department. These positions include management positions; jobs working for elected or appointed officials; confidential clerical positions, or part-time, seasonal or temporary jobs. Generally, the selecting department recruits for unclassified Jobs. The selecting department will advertise for the position, request candidates to submit a resume, and conduct their own interview process. The selecting department handles the initial contact and the final communication on the selection process outcome