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Employee Benefits

Benefits for Wherever You Go!
Open Enrollment: October 9-20, 2017

Take a Closer Look at Your Plan Choices

City of Long Beach is committed to providing you with a benefit plan that meets your needs, no matter where you are in life. This year, we are pleased to announce that our current benefit program will continue into 2018 with only minor changes. Make sure to take some time to review all your benefit materials to understand all of your coverage options and what you need to do. Include your spouse or registered domestic partner in the review if they will be covered under our plan.

2018 Open Enrollment Information

The 2018 Open Enrollment Benefits Campaign “Benefits for Wherever You Go!” begins Monday, October 9, 2017. Learn more about Open Enrollment, changes and the City’s plans by attending HR’s “15+15” Pre-Open Enrollment Web Chat with 15 minutes for info, and 15 minutes for you to ask questions. Choose from one of the times listed below:

Active Employees Web Chat

 Click here to download the meeting notes.

Monday, October 9, 2017

12noon – 12:30pm


804 046 190

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For a calendar of Open Enrollment events for Active employees, click here!

Retiree Open Enrollment In Person Q&A

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

10:00am – 12:00am

Michelle Obama Library  

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Retiree Open Enrollment Webinar

 Meeting notes coming soon.

Monday, October 16, 2017

9:30am – 11:00am


804 979584

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If you cannot attend the “15+15” Chat, you can view the COLB Open Enrollment video by clicking here!

What's New for 2018?

2018 Benefits Highlights

Anthem LiveHealthOnline Copay Reduced to $10

The Anthem LiveHealthOnline (LHO) copay will decrease from $20 to $10 in 2018. LHO provides 24/7 access to U.S. board-certified physicians via a smartphone, tablet or PC! Physicians can treat a host of common illnesses quickly and effectively through a real-time video visit. They can even send prescription orders to a local pharmacy. For details, visit livehealthonline.com.

CVS Caremark 90-day Generic Drug Copay Reduced to $10
The CVS Caremark Maintenance Choice 90-day generic drug prescription copay will decrease from $20 to $10 for Anthem PPO members to make it the same as Anthem HMO members’ copay.

Healthcare Flexible Spending Account Plan Annual Limit Increased
The 2018 deferral limit for the healthcare flexible spending account is $2,600. The dependent care FSA annual limit remains at $5,000. You must enroll via LifeView HR if you plan to participate.

Dual Coverage 
Effective January 1, 2018, the waiver of member copays and other out of pocket costs for City employees who are married (or in registered domestic partnership) to one another and enrolled in dual coverage for health, dental and/or vision coverage(s) will be discontinued. However, employees currently enrolled in dual coverage will continue to have the benefit.

Retirees Can Select Vision Coverage as a Standalone Option
For employees planning to retire in 2018, vision coverage through VSP can be selected as a standalone option and not bundled with medical coverage.

As a reminder, you can Enroll/Increase your Long Term Care Coverage and/or Enroll/Increase your Voluntary Life Insurance amount by $25K each year up to 3X your salary up to $300K. No medical questions asked. Children can also be enrolled up to $10K – no medical questions asked.

Health, Dental, & Vision Plan Resources

Prior Year Health Plan References

Supplemental Benefit Resources

Additional Benefits Resources

Benefits Selection/Change/Add Form (use this form to update your dependents when you experience a qualifying life event)

LifeViewHR Open Enrollment Instructions and Kiosk Locations