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Utility Undergrounding Projects


Southern California Edison (SCE) and the other underground utilities in selected areas around the City. The projects involve installing underground utility distribution and service mains and removing overhead lines and poles. The projects are funded by SCE's Rule 20A funds and have no impact on the City's General Fund.

In most cases, these projects will not cost the property owners anything. It is the legal responsibility of the property owner to underground from the street to their house or business beginning at the property line. However, the utility companies will perform this work at no cost to the property owner as long as the property owner signs an agreement to allow utility companies onto their property. Otherwise, property owners are required to perform this work at their own cost.

Projects that qualify for funding under Tariff Rule 20A are located on heavily used arterial and collector streets with an unusually heavy concentration of overhead electrical facilities. City staff, in conjunction with assistance from SCE, developed a priority listing for potential utility undergrounding projects based on Rule 20A funding criteria. 


Willow Street (from Los Angeles River to Atlantic Avenue)

Project status: Construction Completed
Construction completed date: February 2018