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As required by HUD, over the course of a year the Housing Authority's Inspection Unit conducts more than 12,000 inspections for the various programs that the Housing Authority operates to ensure that each leased unit meets the Program guidelines. 

The various inspections that the Housing Authority performs include:

  • Initial inspections - the first inspection of the unit before a lease can be signed and the participant can move in
  • Annual inspections - an inspection of each unit at least every 364 days to ensure compliance with housing quality standards
  • Re-inspections and subsequent inspections - which are follow-ups to annual inspections which need some type of corrective actions
  • Special inspections - the Housing Authority is informed by the participant, the landlord or a neighbor that there is a problem/complaint with the leased unit and some type of corrective action may be needed
  • Quality Control inspections - when a supervisor re-inspects a unit to ensure the quality of the inspection and to ensure that the unit meets all of the HUD requirements

It is the responsibility of both the owner and tenant that each leased unit meet the inspection guidelines as established by HUD and the Housing Authority. Failure to meet and correct any inspection failures could lead to termination of the lease with the owner and eviction of the tenant.

National Healthy Homes Month

HUD's Office of Lead Hazard Controla nd Healthy Homes (OLHCHH) is coordinating the efforts of National Healthy Homes Month (NHHM). Thanks to the support and collaborations with other federal agencies and partners; NHHM will provide a deliverate, coordinated and holistic approach to creating healthy and safe homes. Creating a holistic approach includes efforts to combine activities related to:

  1. Childhood lead poisoning prevention
  2. Residential asthma intervention
  3. Injury prevention
  4. Smoke free public housing
  5. Safe indoor pest control
  6. Radon Safety
  7. Disaster Recovery

The target audiences for the scope of activities are comprised of state and local government agencies, nongovernmental organization, nonprofit organizations, property owners and individual families especially those with small children. 

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