We Want Your Input on the City’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2018

The City of Long Beach has an annual budget of approximately $2.65 billion. The vast majority of the City’s resources are designated, by law, for certain purposes. The only portion of the budget that is completely discretionary is the General Fund, which accounts for only 17 percent ($461 million) of the total budget. The General Fund provides much of the resources for critical City services, including police patrol, fire response, parks and recreation, library services, and streets and sidewalks.

Currently, 69% of General Fund resources are devoted to Public Safety (Police, Fire, and Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Communications). Over the next three-years (FY 18–FY 20), long-term revenues are not expected to be sufficient to maintain service increases outside of the use of Measure A funds to maintain and enhance public safety. As such, reductions and adjustments to non-public safety operations will likely be necessary.

Long Beach Budget Priority Survey

The Long Beach Budget Priority Survey will allow you to identify the importance of various City services that are funded in large part by the General Fund, and are not fully offset be fees or fines. For each service listed, you will be asked to tell us whether the service is very important, somewhat important, not very important, not at all important, or that you have no opinion (or are unsure).

The Long Beach Budget Priority Survey will be reviewed as part of the budget development process. However, the results should not be considered to be representative of the public at large since the Budget Priority Survey is not a formal survey.

The Long Beach Budget Priority Survey is also available in a printed form. The printed form will be distributed at various community budget meetings and will be available in English, Spanish, Khmer, and Tagalog.

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Use OpenLB to explore the proposed budget visually. Graphs and charts visualize the details of the FY 18 Proposed Budget in comparison to the FY 17 adopted budget and five prior years of actual spending and revenues.

FY 18 Proposed Budget Document

Read the Fiscal Year 2018 Proposed Budget in its entirety.