Development Services

About Us

Located on the third floor of City Hall, Long Beach Development Services is comprised of four main bureaus: Building & Safety, Code Enforcement, Housing & Neighborhood, and Planning.

Our staff of nearly 200 works tirelessly to serve the community on a wide spectrum of policies and programs, including land use development, affordable housing, environment and historic preservation, neighborhood improvement, as well as building standards and safety.

Our mission is to make a difference in the community by building a dynamic, safe, and sustainable City that honors its past and embraces the future. That’s why we embrace as a work credo our Department slogan — Building a Better Long Beach.

Here are some of our noteworthy accomplishments in 2018:

  • 55,000 building inspections completed, and more than 6,000 plan checks performed
  • 58,000 customers served at the Development Services Permit Center
  • 1,035 individuals experiencing homelessness provided permanent housing
  • 12,495 building permits issued with total construction valuation of $506 million
  • 7,528 code enforcement cases resolved; 3,965 code enforcement cases opened