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Business/Organization Information


Beach Streets is an Open Streets event designed to showcase businesses & neighborhoods.  For a single evening, we will close a major traffic corridor to cars & open the street to people walking & bicycling. We project this Beach Streets event to attract more than 15,000 people!

  • Participants of all ages will enjoy family-friendly entertainment at festival hubs along the route, including Pike Outlets lawn & Shoreline Village
  • Taste of Shoreline created on the Esplanade between Shoreline Village and Pine Ave. Quick food options in chafer dishes are the best!
  • Opportunity for participants to discover local businesses & services. Try a new restaurant. Explore a new retail store. 

Requirements to Participate

If you wish to serve food directly outside of your establishment, you will not need a Health Permit from the City of Long Beach if the food is prepared inside & brought outside to serve.  You must be serving in front of your establishment for this requirement to be valid. 

If you’re selling food or merchandise and do not have an existing Long Beach Business License, you must have a valid license to sell at Beach Streets.

How to make the most of Beach Streets

  • Consider increasing your staff compared to an average Saturday. Businesses tend to be very busy & have high sales at Beach Streets.
  • Set up a table in front of your establishment or festival hub & sell goods.
  • Bring interactive activities or services pertaining to the active vibe of the event, e.g. free face painting, games, arts & crafts, bike decorations, giveaways etc.
  • Highlight drink & food specials with outdoor signage, e.g. BOGO, Beach Streets specials, etc.
  • Promote your business with your Social Media accounts by tagging @beachstreetslb & by using the hashtags #beachstreetsbusiness & #beachstreets.
  • We will also be actively promoting businesses along the route on social media and BeachStreets.com!

What are Other Businesses Saying about Beach Streets?

 “Really loved the event & look forward to more.” – LaunderPet

“My main comment is Hurray!!! This was a Wonderful Event!!! So many people came into my shop who were discovering it for the first time. There was a great sense of community & fun. If I could encourage this to be a yearly event on Broadway, I would!!!!” – Sasha Witte Design

"Busiest day ever!" – Roundin’ Third Sports Bar

"Love it, can't wait for another. Would love to see this twice a year, or more." – Urban Americana

"Really good, lot of new customers" – Los Compadres

“Very happy with Beach Streets! Made a lot of new contacts. You all did a great job.” – EJ Malloy’s

“Thanks and cheers to you and everyone else that put on this great event. Both businesses had lots of new faces, great energy, no problems that I am aware of. Just overall a really great day.” – Paradise Piano Bar

"This was an awesome event and total success on so many levels. It was a great thing for the community for one, and for our business, we had our best day since we have been open. It introduced our business to so many new people, let people know who we are and we had amazing sales. Although I did not wander far from Transformations.... being out in the street watching everyone having such a great time was really special. I am a native and I do not recall ever seeing my community come together in this way. Very powerful. Families, friends, strangers and community. We really hope this kind of thing will happen again and more frequently. We are very grateful. Thanks to the whole Beach Streets team. I also must say it was really fun to walk down the middle of Broadway on my way to set up for the day. Gave me a cheap thrill." – Transformations