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UPLAN Virtual Walk Audits

As part of UPLAN Phase 2, the City held 4 virtual walk audits in North Long Beach. Throughout each audit, Long Beach community members participated in an immersive online discussion to observe and discuss the conditions along major corridors in North Long Beach. Each of the 4 routes focuses on a different theme and specific area of Uptown. Participants responded to a series of questions regarding building design, public space, land-use, neighborhood character, safety, and accessibility. The planning team gathered feedback on existing conditions, along with suggestions for future improvements.

Couldn't make it to the virtual events? Don't sweat it! We are putting each of the four routes and corresponding surveys online for you to browse through, ponder, and leave your feedback at your own pace. Using the links below, let us know what matters to you!

Walk Audit Routes

Del Amo Blvd Survey / Route
Long Beach Blvd Survey / Route
Cherry Ave Survey / Route
Market St Survey / Route