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UPLAN Demonstration Projects in North Long Beach

Release Date: 2021-02-18

The UPLAN team is excited to announce two new demonstration projects for North Long Beach. First, you can participate in a scavenger hunt at Aguas Way (5248 Long Beach Blvd) and support a local business by ordering takeout or delivery. The scavenger hunt allows for participants to visualize possible street improvements along Long Beach Blvd from their phone or via the signs set up along the street. 

Secondly, the UPLAN team has partnered with the City of Long Beach's departments of Public Works and Parks, Recreation, and Marine to set up an Open Street on Indiana Avenue next to Ramona Park. The street also has a new permanent crosswalk and temporary decorative bulb-out at the cross walk to improve pedestrian safety, along with artistic signs at the park tennis courts with information about UPLAN. Visit Ramona Park and see the improvements for yourself!

For more information about both projects and links to these and other City initiatives related to UPLAN, click here or out the What's Next station at the UPLAN Virtual Open House.