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Housing, Jobs & Transportation in North Long Beach

The Uptown Planning Land Use and Neighborhood Strategy (UPLAN) is a collaborative effort between the City and the North Long Beach community to come up with laws and policies to guide future development and create a new vision in North Long Beach. The UPLAN was designed to build upon past planning and visioning efforts for Uptown. Through a multi-year, community-centered process, community needs such as access to quality housing, jobs, and transportation options have been prioritized in zoning and transportation recommendations for the North Long Beach area.  Learn more about the UPLAN process by visiting the community engagement station of the UPLAN virtual open house.

UPLAN’s equity-based framework is focused on both changes to zoning and land use regulations and the planning process itself. North Long Beach was prioritized for the first comprehensive zoning code update in 30 years because of the community's history and marginalization of its Black and brown residents. UPLAN has been grounded in a community power and capacity-building process in which the people most impacted by planning decisions, including young people, renters, and people of color, are prioritized in the process and had their voices and feedback uplifted, leading to special recommendations. These recommendations include incentivizing grocery stores, banks, more affordable housing, locally-serving jobs, civic institutions and other identified needs. UPLAN also includes strategies to help residents, workers, and businesses to remain in North Long Beach.

New zoning recommendations for the Atlantic and Artesia corridors were adopted in November 2020 and can be found here. Additional zoning recommendations and a Neighborhood Mobility Enhancement Plan will be considered for adoption in Summer 2024. You can find out more about both at the UPLAN Virtual Open House

The full draft zoning recommendations for UPLAN Phase II are now available for public review.
Click here for the update to Title 22, which includes the NSC (mixed use) zones and MFR (multi-family) zones here. Click here for the new Neo-Industrial regulations. Click here to view a map of the proposed zoning districts.

 The vision of the North Long Beach community developed through UPLAN is captured in the community-created Vision Statement:
“We envision Uptown as an identifiable and inviting neighborhood, full of pride, with a range of community-serving destinations and hubs – a community that supports its residents and businesses, and creatively celebrates its existing and growing diversity.”

UPLAN Virtual Open House

The UPLAN Virtual Open House is now available for you to explore! Learn about the zoning tools and transportation strategies that have been developed in collaboration with the North Long Beach community. Share with us your opinion on how to meet the community goals and priorities to increase access to housing, jobs, and transportation choices in North Long Beach. Access the open house now at uplanlb.exhibition.app.

Zoning Code Update Through UPLAN

The Zoning Code guides the types of uses allowed within certain areas (such as commercial, residential, or industrial), the required development standards (such as required parking and building height), and the process for reviewing and approving development projects. New uses emerge in response to economic, social, and technological changes both locally and globally. The Zoning Code should be updated periodically to respond to new land use trends, evolving community needs and priorities as well as to simplify and improve the code.

In Long Beach, the Zoning Code has not been comprehensively updated since 1989. Locally in Long Beach, our community and economy has changed significantly. Through UPLAN, new zoning districts were developed and adopted for two large corridors in North Long Beach- Artesia Boulevard, and Atlantic Avenue. These zone changes were adopted in November 2020, and recommendations to apply these and other new zones to additional corridors throughout North Long Beach will be considered for adoption in late 2021. Click here to learn more in our virtual open house and to view a map of where new zones are being proposed.

Mobility Recommendations for North Long Beach

The UPLAN Neighborhood Mobility Enhancement Plan (NMEP) will provide direction for mobility enhancements and focuses on making it safer, easier and more pleasant to get around North Long Beach, including for those walking, biking, or taking transit. This includes infrastructure improvements on major corridors to connect to adjacent neighborhoods, local jobs, and access to goods and services in North Long Beach. The plan emphasizes safe bicycle and pedestrian connections to schools, open space and public transit, and will help the City set project priorities, apply for grants, and guide public infrastructure investments in North Long Beach. 

The plan includes a prioritization of potential mobility improvements within North Long Beach.  The project prioritization methodology was a six-step process that analyzed various data and community feedback to select projects with the highest community impact based on equity, safety, and connectivity to be prioritized in the NMEP

Read the plan here or visit the UPLAN virtual open house NMEP station for an overview of the proposed plan.

Latest News

Join the September 2021 UPLAN Advisory Committee meeting virtually this Thursday, September 9th at 6 pmRSVP here or access the event directly through this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5528754020
The UPLAN team is excited to announce two new demonstration projects for North Long Beach at Aguas Way (5248 Long Beach Blvd) and Ramona Park (3301 E. 65th St). Visit the projects to learn more about possible street improvements for North Long Beach.
Make your voice heard and take part in the self-guided virtual walk audits along four major corridors in North Long Beach.
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