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TI Department Designs and Codes New Website

Release Date: 2015-06-01

Today, the City of Long Beach unveiled its brand new responsive website at www.longbeach.gov. Technology and Innovation staff designed and coded the site. The new website is based on the Ektron CMS with help from local consultant Thinklogic.

The site is built on a new powerful, efficient, and user-friendly content management system that will help users surf Long Beach with greater ease. Adding to the ease of use, TI staff compressed 4,000 pages of data to 2,500.

The homepage provides quick access to the most popular services, such as paying utility bills and applying for permits, as well as featuring new stories, the award-winning LBTV, and employment opportunities. Two calendars display both events and city-sponsored meetings, to keep people up to date on what’s happening in Long Beach. In addition, the Google Translate feature allows users to select one of four languages: English, Spanish, Khmer, and Tagalog (which Google recognizes as “Filipino”).

Other new features TI built include:

  • LinkLB is one of several new interactive features. Users can sign up for e-mail updates from Council Districts, the Mayor, City Departments and specific services.
  • MapIT, an interactive map that allows users to locate parks, points of interest, and resources across the City.
  • OpenLB, the City’s open government portal that is the community’s first and last stop for data, statistics and other information.
  • Parking Services, a brand new hub for all things parking related in Long Beach

Be on the lookout for more changes to come, as TI designs more City departments with the new CMS. “The rollout of the site is a major accomplishment,” said Chris Wilding, Interim Director of the Technology and Innovation Department. “This is only the first phase involving 12 departments and most elected officials. Phase Two will bring others onto the new CMS.”