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Video Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Cameras

With over 400 cameras installed across the City, video surveillance has become another critical and valuable resource for public safety. With budget challenges and the inability to put more officers on the street, cameras become the “eyes” of the City and are a cost effective way to improve public safety in the City.

The necessary infrastructure build out to support the growth is another challenge that ideally would be based on fiber backbone that is either City-owned or leased from local telco providers. However fiber is not always available so we engineer a cellular LTE solution using Verizon.


Long Beach Common Operating Picture (LBCOP) combines law enforcement data with real time video monitoring to support public safety. This system will help police officers better address criminal activity as it happens.

The system connects a network of city-owned cameras and privately owned cameras in Long Beach through Internet protocol addresses that allow police to access a visual feed. With just the click of a computer mouse, the Long Beach Police Department has the capability to access live video of locations throughout the city to be used as a visual aid in the event of a crime. LBCOP works in conjunction with Community Camera Partnership (CCP) and connects the security (surveillance) cameras of Long Beach businesses, organizations, institutions, and residential complexes.