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Fiber Expansion

The City of Long Beach owns approximately 60 miles of fiber optic cable in the City. Expanding the capacity and adding more City facilities to the Fiber Infrastructure is operationally and strategically critical to the City’s business processes due to three major trends:

  1. the meteoric increase network traffic
  2. the significant increase in connected devices
  3. moving applications to the cloud
In FY 2015 TI had over 8,000 feet of optical fiber installed to connect the Airport, Fire Headquarters and Police Field Support. This year and next, we are developing plans to expand even further to satisfy the demand for a high performance network backbone.

The Internet of Everything (IoE) phenomenon, or the next wave of the Internet in which people, processes, data, and things connect to the Internet and each other, is showing tangible growth. The move to cloud applications necessitates good end to end connection from the tenant host site to each City facilities because the cloud applications rely primary on the network connectivity and less on the CPU, memory and hard drive on the user’s local workstation.

With that, the fiber infrastructure is a critical operational and strategic City asset that hand in hand with City workers, facilitates the delivery services to our constituents, businesses and visitors.