Enterprise Resource Planning System - LB Coast

LB COAST (City Operations and Strategic Technologies) is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project, the largest technology project the City has ever done and is a top City Council priority. The former systems utilized 1970’s technology that served the City well over the years, but they are antiquated and “they can’t talk to each other.” LB COAST represents a multi-generational leap for the City and is a multi-year project that replaces almost all City financial, payroll and human resources (HR) systems that serve every City department including the Harbor and Water Departments. The first phase, Munis Financials, went live in April 2019.

Over the past two years, the City has been operating in the new and modern Munis financial systems which replace a decades old system that had a significant risk of failure and obsolescence. The Munis system allows the City to continue to conduct everyday activities such as process purchase orders, scan invoices, process payments and manage grants.

The project team is now focused on Phase II of the LB COAST project that includes payroll, human resources and budget systems.