Customer Information System (CIS) and Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) Project

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What is CIS and WMW? Screenshot of Customer Information System

  • CIS is the City's new Customer Information System. The City implemented Oracle's Customer Care and Billing system
  • MWM is the City's Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) system. The City implemented Oracle's Mobile Workforce Management system.
  • In addition, the City implemented a new Web Self Service (WSS) portal from Oracle.

What are the CIS/MWM/WSS Benefits?

  • Enhanced Customer Data: Customer service representatives have access to much more customer data in order to allow them to provide better assistance.
  • Reduced Training: The new system is more intuitive to the users and has reduced the amount of time needed to train new employees to work with the system.
  • Enhanced Billing Capabilities: The new system is capable of handling complicated and flexible algorithms that may be necessary to accommodate billing rules needed to handle a variety of customer types and sizes and that utilize a variety of utility services.
  • E-Billing: The new has the ability for users to opt to receive their bills electronically and avoid receiving a paper bill. The electronic bill is available through the WSS portal in a PDF format.
  • Route Optimization: The system optimizes crew routes and provides a map of the work orders to facilitate work crew productivity.
  • Work Crew Dynamic Scheduling: The system assigns work orders to crews dynamically throughout the day, automatically assigning the work order to the most appropriate crew based on their skill-sets, workload, and location.
  • Mobile Technology: Work crews have tablet computers that allow them to access information about their work orders and to update the status, real-time in the field.

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Enhanced Online Customer Experience

  • Improved Utility Bills: The new utility bill format will has more information that is easier to read and includes consumption graphs.
  • Web Self-Service Portal: Allows customers to have a better online through customer access to more timely data.
  • Online Services (Coming soon): The customer portal is being upgraded to allow a variety of services to soon be requested online.
  • Email Notifications: The new system provides email notifications to customers when their e-Bill is available and confirm requests for other services.

Project Information InCar

The project was estimated to cost $14.9 million, but was completed nearly $1 million under budget. The system implementation began in October, 2011 and the system went live in November, 2013. The project included replacing the City's utility billing system, replacing the mobile workforce system, replacing the customer portal, redesigning the utility bill, implementing a new reporting system, and upgrading the IVR system.