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Infrastructure Services Bureau

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TI's Infrastructure Services Bureau maintains data and communications networks critical to City operations. This bureau comprises three divisions:

    Operations Center maintains the following:

    • the City's mainframe computer
    • 400 enterprise servers, of which over 300 are virtual
    • back-up/storage components
    • data communications systems  

    Telecommunications Division performs these functions:

    • provides communication links to 140 City facilities
    • provides phone instruments and network data connections
    • management of lease-line providers  

    Wireless Communications Division handles these tasks:

    • provides handheld radios, mobile radios and mobile data terminals (in vehicles), plus automated vehicle location transponders
    • maintains communications towers at Signal Hill, Reservoir Hill and the Emergency Communications Operations Center
    • installs and maintains video surveillance cameras in City facilities and public rights-of-way.

       Did you know...

      ...that our Telecommunications Division provides 6,000 phone instruments? 

      ...that Telecommunications maintains 3,200 network data connections?

      ...that our Wireless Division maintains 2,800 handheld and 1,300 mobile radios?

      ...that Wireless maintains 500 mobile data terminals?