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About Technology Innovation

About Our Department

The Technology and Innovation Department is a City Manager department within the Long Beach organization. With about 130 FTEs and an operating budget of around $40m, we are organized into 3 main bureaus. We are a full service organization providing a centralized resource for technology deployment and support throughout the City. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, TI provides service to customers who rely on our extensive information and communications technology infrastructure.

Specific core services include e-mail, Internet/Intranet, business information systems and geographic information system (GIS) support, project management, central data center operations, voice and data network management, radio communications services, video surveillance support, technology help desk, personal computer and printer acquisition and support. TI also manages non-traditional information technology services including Long Beach’s government access television channel (LBTV), mail and messenger services, central printing and reprographics, and disposal of retired City assets.

“It is our mission to provide a customer-focused environment that integrates people, processes, and technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of City services.”

Through our collaborative efforts with departments, we have learned that the intelligent application of technology in the right places at the right times is one of the most universally supported ideals that will make us a premier organization. Leadership in all departments identified this objective as critical to organizational excellence. During this time of economic challenge especially, the consensus is that one of the best investments the City can make is in technology solutions that enable smarter business processes, which result in more efficient deliverables and services. In TI we have developed initiatives specifically designed to capitalize on technology investments while supporting the City’s goals and strategies over the long term. Together with our business partners in the other City departments, we have one common objective: to transform the City of Long Beach.

TI is structured as a strongly matrixed organization with a blend of resource teams and a prominent process management presence that accentuates reliable, repeatable processes. The result is a practical capacity to streamline workflows and execute initiatives with agility.

TI remains committed to pursuing government reform initiatives. This includes further centralizing technology management by consolidating services and contracting for various support services. Through these and other efforts, TI has been able to reduce costs while maintaining a high level of customer service. In fact, last year TI compared its costs to several similar jurisdictions and found that TI’s budgeted IT-related costs fell below the average of central IT costs in the survey organizations, demonstrating the results of these cost reduction efforts.