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About Technology Innovation

About Our Department

The Technology and Innovation Department is a City Manager department within the Long Beach organization. With about 191 FTEs and an operating budget of around $70m, we are organized into 5 main bureaus. We are a full service organization providing a centralized resource managing the full range of information technology and related services across the City’s operations in support of the City’s business objectives. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, TID provides friendly and accessible service to our partner departments who rely on our extensive information and communications technology infrastructure.

Specific services include Internet and Intranet, a variety of digital city services, business information systems and geographic information systems, voice and data networks, radio communications, virtual meeting support, management of personal computers, printing, mobility, audio/video systems, network camera infrastructure, help desk, and data center operations. In addition, TID also functions as a convener and collaborator on issues of digital inclusion, privacy, smart cities, and digital engagement to improve residents' quality of life.

“It is our mission to provide a customer-focused environment that integrates people, processes, and technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of City services.”

TID Value Statements

TID Leadership and employees together co-created values and behavior statements to nurture a positive team culture, build relationships within and amongst teams, improve communication and trust and establish and encourage a set of expectations.


Adapt and evolve
at the pace of our:
colleagues, and
situational needs.

  • Embrace change in all aspects of business processes and technology development.
  • Build a culture of collaboration and innovation that encourages curiosity and allows room for failure to facilitate growth and gain experience.
  • Incorporate input/feedback from community, partners, colleagues to drive/determine positive outcomes.
  • Be proactive with ideas/solutions prepared ahead of time to quickly respond to unexpected events.
  • Be iterative and experimental in approaches to solving issues, challenges and problems.


Cultivate a safe environment of diverse: talents, perspectives, identities, and backgrounds.

  • Be part of providing a safe and supportive space for employees of all backgrounds and identities by taking space for yourself and making space for others.
  • Realize that you belong; your ideas and voices are welcomed and heard, just as you honor the ideas and voices of others.
  • Address statements/actions made against members of a marginalized group when you hear them.
  • Use an equity lens, which means being thoughtful and inclusive in all decisions on policies, practices, programs, projects, events and budgets.
  • Model inclusive language and respect others’ pronouns.


Be the best version of yourself today and every day.

  • Take ownership and pride in your work and show dedication in everything you do since the residents of Long Beach are counting on you.
  • Lead by example; guide others through your behavior and not just your words.
  • Follow through on your words and commitments.
  • Keep good health and engage in self-care to allow you to be your best.
  • Show up to work with your whole self.

Exploratory Mindset

Be open, curious, creative, and committed to growth.

  • Acknowledge that there may be better answers or solutions than you suspect, assume, or prescribe.
  • Fail gloriously, by seeing failure as temporary and growing from it by celebrating mistakes and sharing lessons learned.
  • Celebrate wins and share knowledge gained.
  • Be curious, ask “why” questions to get to root causes, and strive to never stop learning.
  • Engage your colleagues, teams, clients, and others to hear varied perspectives and actively listen to their ideas and answers; good ideas can come from anywhere.


Treat all individuals with dignity, empathy, and understanding.

  • Pay direct attention when someone has something to say and refrain from doing other tasks; use constructive language when there are differences in order to convey a point.
  • Value the time and workload of others.
  • Assume good intentions from others, express gratitude, and extend grace to yourself and others.
  • Practice humility; acknowledge mistakes; turn errors into a learning experience.
  • Treat others how they want to be treated (platinum rule); be aware of your words and actions and how they affect others.


Act with honor regardless of who is or is not watching; be mindful of our roles as public servants.

  • Treat everyone with respect and value others’ opinions.
  • Take responsibility and accountability for your actions and words.
  • Refrain from personal gossiping and sharing confidential information governed by City policy.
  • Practice open communication even when the topic is difficult by being transparent and honest.
  • Adhere to ethical principles for all situations and circumstances; follow the City’s Code of Conduct and Ethics.


Be proactive and candid in sharing information with others.

  • Explain the why behind processes and procedures; and be open to changes, suggestions, and exceptions that result in better outcomes.
  • Share information and knowledge freely with others to improve results.
  • Create spaces for open dialogue, seek feedback and encourage questioning.
  • Establish trust by communicating accurately and at the right time with others.
  • Follow up in a timely manner with emails, voicemails, and other requests.