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Mission Statement

We here in Long Beach, Ca live on Indigenous land and the unceded territory of the Tongva people. For generations, before the time of colonization the Tongva people tended, cared for and lived in the LA Basin and surrounding areas. Still today many Tongva people stand up to protect the land from over development here in the Long Beach and Los Angeles areas.  

As we tend to this land, we hope to restore the land with deep intention and respect. I know invite you to read a statement provided by a local Tongva elder regarding the very necessary protection of one of our local native plants, White Sage. 

"California White Sage is a plant that is used traditionally by the Gabrielino/Tongva people, who still exist today, and whose ancestral territories include all of the Los Angeles Basin, Parts of Orange and Riverside County, 4 of the Channel Islands, and all of what we presently call Long Beach, CA.  The Gabrielino/Tongva people ask that the harvesting of California White Sage by non-native California Indian peoples be stopped out of respect for the closed practice of it's use ceremonially. Harvesting White Sage in this place is not allowed in accordance with this request." 

- Citlali Arvizu 

As the office of Sustainability, we define Sustainability as the ability to meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations We do so by providing free educational workshops, resources such as trees and mulch for residents, restoring an active oil field into a thriving native plant seasonal wetland. We aim to increase the urban greenery in Long Beach by growing native plants and protecting the habitat of many local flora and fauna. Most importantly we want Long Beach to be a hospitable place for all. 

As you venture into this work know that you are participating in our efforts to increase urban green spaces in the city of Long Beach all while sharing education on the importance of protecting the habitat, native plants and animals and creating a space for our community to join us in our efforts in local stewardship. 

The field crew leaders at Willow Springs Park hope to cultivate a sense of respect, mindfulness, and care for the ecosystem we are a part of. 

What is restoration? Habitat focuses on returning the landscape to their original state as much as possible with the practices of observation, research and community engagement. 

What do we mean when we day restoring diversity? Focusing on empowering youth and communities of color to return to, advance in and lead habitat restoration efforts.