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Information for Farmers/Gardeners

Farmers, we need you to make this program a success! Please fill out the contact information on the previous page, and we will notify you of new opportunities on vacant lots in Long Beach. You can also check back here, where we will be posting information about vacant lots as interested owners contact us for matchmaking assistance. The choice of what to do with vacant lots is always up to the owners, so each vacant lot may have different priorities or application requirements.

Apply to Farm a Vacant Lot

Requirements for agricultural projects:

  • Lease term is 5 years
  • All of the property must be used for agricultural purposes including toolsheds,
  • greenhouses, produce stands, and instructional space.
  • No use of pesticide or fertilizers except those allowed by the United
  • States Department of Agriculture‚Äôs National Organic Program
  • No dwelling units allowed on the property

Proposals to farm a vacant lot must include:

  • Business /organization name and contact information
  • Resume of experience with urban farming
  • 1-3 page business/operations plan for the site
  • Site plan or diagram
  • Project budget
  • Neighborhood partners or community engagement plans (if applicable)

619 E Burnett Street

UAIZ contract in place

2800 Block of Santa Fe Avenue

This RFP is closed, and the project is under way.

Explore Eligible Lots in Long Beach

Below is a map of the most eligible lots under the Long Beach UAIZ program. Also included are existing community gardens, teaching gardens, and urban farms. This map will be updated as new information becomes available.

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