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#TreeYourself DIY Tree Planting Resources

Ready to plant your own tree? We have resources to help you pick the perfect tree, plant it well, and take great care of it.

Step 1: Pick your perfect tree 

To look through all the options and tree characteristics, you can download the Tree Selection Spreadsheet.

Parkways: If you are planting in your parkway, you will need to fill out and submit the Tree Permit Application to have your tree approved by the City Arborist. If planting in your parkway, you also have the option to recieve a tree through our Street Tree Program.

Step 2: Purchase your tree and supplies

Find a local nursery where you can purchase your tree. We recommend planting 15 gallon size trees.

You’ll also need some supplies for planting and tree care. Keep in mind that many tools can be borrowed from your local hardware store, so you won’t need to purchase all the tools. Use the Tree Planting Checklist (Spanish | Khmer) to make sure you have everything you need.

Step 3: Plant your tree

Follow the steps in this Tree Planting Guide (Spanish | Khmer) to make sure your tree gets the best start possible.

Step 4: Care for your tree

Your new tree will need lots of care while it is establishing itself in its new home. Download the Tree Care Guide (Spanish | Khmer) or Fruit Tree Care Guide (Spanish | Khmer) for instructions on how to keep your tree healthy.

Step 5: Share your tree

Take a photo of your tree and share on social media with #TreeYourself!

You can also offer to help your neighbors and friends navigate this process, or direct them to this webpage for the resources they’ll need, use the url www.longbeach.gov/treeyourself.

Thank you for helping to grow Long Beach’s urban forest!