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Sustainable City Commission Discusses Polystyrene And Oil

Release Date: 2017-03-29

Last week on March 24th, 2017, the Sustainable City Commission received a presentation from the Environmental Services Bureau (ESB) on the development of an expanded polystyrene ban, and a report from the Long Beach Energy Resources Department on current oil operations in the City. Many members of the public spoke out on behalf of local nonprofits, neighborhood associations, and the business community on both of these agenda items, and the Commission weighed in with questions, comments and suggestions. To watch the full presentations and resulting conversations, view the meeting online.

The first presentation was received from ESB on developing the Environmentally Acceptable Food Packaging Ordinance. ESB was requested by City Council to conduct public outreach and develop an ordinance banning expanded polystyrene in disposable food service containers. Their presentation outlined the potential extent of the ban, and a possible plan to roll it out in stages. Their goals are to reduce litter, protect the environment and public health, and reduce waste. There were many comments from the public both for and against, as well as a discussion from the Commission with a decision to support the ban.

The next presentation was received from the Long Beach Energy Resources Department on their recent report about current oil operations in the City. The report provides maps of areas where oil operations are permitted, as well as the locations of active, idle, and abandoned oil wells. Their presentation also outlined regulations and requirements for safety, maintenance, testing, and emergency preparedness. Members of the public spoke out against oil drilling in Long Beach and sparked a discussion among the Commissioners about the oil industry and more sustainable alternatives.

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