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Sustainability Spotlight: Climate Resiliency Guides

Release Date: 2018-03-06

The spotlight is on the Aquarium of the Pacific this week for their Climate Resilience Guides that make climate actions accessible to Long Beach residents. In 2015, Mayor Robert Garcia asked the Aquarium to assess the primary threats facing Long Beach resulting from climate change. This led to the City of Long Beach Climate Resiliency Assessment Report, which identifies 5 main threats (drought, extreme heat, sea level rise and coastal flooding, deteriorating air quality, and public health and social vulnerability). In collaboration with Tom Bowman of Bowman Change, Inc., the Aquarium decided a condensed version of the report would help get the word out to Long Beach residents about what’s happening in their city and what they can do to contribute to a climate-resilient Long Beach. The quick start guides provide the key information with concrete actions to take to address the 5 main threats identified in the Resiliency Assessment. If you want to learn more about climate resilience and what you can do, these guides are a great place to start. Find out which guide is right for you:

Quick Start Guide to Becoming Climate Resilient
To get up to speed about resilience with a fast and easy read, this is a great place to start. Learn about the things you can do today and what you can plan for over the medium and long term to make your home and your community more climate resilient. This guide focuses on the main issues the city and individuals need to prepare for. It gives concrete actions you can take to prepare for each one.

A Personal Action Guide to Becoming Climate Resilient
Have you read the Quick Start Guide and want to do more? The Personal Action Guide takes you more in-depth into the goals for climate resilience and resources to be aware of. You’ll find key ideas to be aware of for each of the 5 main threats, which help you think through other actions you can take. More detail on the suggested actions helps you prioritize based on what is most urgently needed or effective.

A Citizen’s Guide to Building a Climate-Resilient Long Beach
Expand your resilience efforts beyond your home and workplace into the community of Long Beach. As the guide states, “Long Beach is in an excellent position to build upon its natural advantages and past efforts to become more resilient to the changing climate.” This guide dives into each of the main threats at the city level and explores what Long Beach is already doing, as well as what further actions could be taken to become more resilient. If you want to be a local activist for climate resilience, this is the essential information you should know.

Do you know of sustainable efforts in Long Beach that more people should know about? Email us your nominations for the next Sustainability Spotlight.