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Sustainability 2017 to 2018

Release Date: 2018-01-22

Long Beach Sustainability in 2017

2017 was a good year for sustainability in Long Beach. Our office’s fieldwork programs provided resources to residents to make their homes and neighborhoods more sustainable. Sustainability field staff planted 173 trees, delivered 374 tons of mulch to residents and local organizations, and picked up over 81 tons of compost from local businesses. In addition, monthly edible garden workshops were restarted, teaching residents how to grow organic healthy produce in whatever space they have available, and our edible garden donated over 90 pounds of produce to local organizations. We look forward to continuing these programs in 2018!

In 2017, the Office of Sustainability also partnered with the department of Parks, Recreation & Marine to restore 12 acres of park land at Willow Springs Park with wetland and coastal sage scrub native plants and trees. The restoration area opened to the public in October, and recent rains filled wetland restoration areas with water for the first time. The restoration includes a 1/3 mile walking path through the restoration areas to the stormwater detention basin. Visit the park and walk down the path to see how the rain will transform the landscape. Access the park from 2755 Orange Avenue.

Last year our office also hired Blanca Diaz to establish the Native Plant Nursery at Willow Springs Park and assist with maintenance of the park’s native landscape. The Nursery will support the native landscape at the park and provide plants for other City projects. Establishing more native plants in Long Beach provides habitats for Californian wildlife, and supports our local ecosystem. We look forward to growing the nursery in 2018 and hosting workshops where the public can learn about native California plants and ecosystems.

New In 2018

The Office of Sustainability has big plans for 2018! The full Work Plan is available online, and was approved by City Council in December, 2017. Sustainability plans to continue ongoing programs providing services to residents, as well as take on a few notable additions:

Residential GHG Reduction Pilot: This program will provide workshops for home owners and home buyers in Long Beach to showcase the benefits of energy efficiency and financing options that make these home upgrades accessible and affordable.

UAIZ: The Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Program officially launched in November, 2017, but with so little time remaining in the year, the real work will begin in 2018 to bring agricultural projects and programs to vacant lots throughout Long Beach. For more information visit bit.ly/UAIZforLB

Green Business Recognition: This program originally launched in 2011, but our office is revamping it to re-launch this year with more benefits to participating businesses and more assistance and incentives to achieve environmental goals.

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